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Corporate and Investment Banking Group 

The Corporate & Investment Banking Group (CIBG) offers both funded and non-funded finance facilities, from short to long term tenors, to cater to various financing needs of its customers. At present following products and services are being offered from the platform of CIBG:

  • Short Term Finance Facilities (Pledge & Working Capital loans)
  • Medium & Long Term Finance Facilities (Bilateral as well as Syndicated) under:
  • Conventional (Kibor based)
  • SBP LTFF Scheme
  • SBP REF Scheme
  • TERF Scheme
  • Lease Finance under Direct as well as Sale & Leaseback arrangement
  • Islamic Financing Products (through syndicated participation only)
  • Term Finance Certificates (TFCs & PPTFCs)
  • Commercial Papers
  • Direct Equity Investments
  • Bill Discounting
  • Non Funded Commitments (Underwriting, Guarantee, Letter of Comfort & Standby Letter of Credit)